TIES Group

Entrepreneurial Management Unit (HBS)

Rock 213
Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship
Boston, MA 02163




I am an assistant professor in the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at Harvard Business School.

My research focuses on R&D strategy and the economics of innovation. My work examines project selection decisions, R&D competition, and how firms learn from their competitorsí failures. Currently, I am am working on a number of projects that explore how research organizations adjust their R&D efforts in response to new information and resources.

Prior to my doctoral studies, I worked in economic and litigation consulting at Cornerstone Research in Boston, and received my B.A. in economics and government from Cornell University. My work is supported in part by the Kauffman Foundation Fellowship in Entrepreneurship Research, the National Bureau of Economic Researchís Program on the Value of Medical Research, the Sloan Foundation, and the National Science Foundationís Science of Science Policy Program (SciSIP).